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Semi Trucks


Reliable Drivers for Your Truck Transportation Needs

At Westmoreland Express, we understand that selecting the right drivers for your truck transportation is crucial to ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of your goods. We take pride in our extensive network of reliable drivers that provide exceptional transportation services. 

Risk Of Recruiting The Wrong Driver On Your Own

How We Can Help You


1. Having a Higher Monthly Insurance Payment

  - If you have the wrong driver in your truck, they can have multiple violations on their driving record resulting in higher insurance payments.

2. Risking Your MC & DOT Numbers

  - Your Mc & DOT Numbers will be at risk if your driver is not operating properly, such as getting into an accident or exceeding the legal amount of hours worked.

3. Risking The Value Of Your Truck & Trailer

  -By placing the wrong driver in your truck, you put your equipment at risk by the driver not taking proper care of it.

4. Loosing Money & Time

  - Everyday that it takes to fill your truck you will loose money paying insurance, truck payment, lot fees, and not making any money pulling freight.

1. We Provide Drivers With A Clean Driving Record

  - We will make sure that your insurance payment does not sky rocket by getting you a driver that takes care of their driving history and has a good MVR.

2. We Provide Drivers With A Reputable Work History

  - On average our drivers have at least 2 years of Cdl work experience.

3. We Can Find Experienced Local & OTR Drivers

  - OTR drivers are able to stay out for up to 2 weeks if needed and have experience hauling across the country. Local drivers will be within your companies local mile radius and will be able to return home every night.

4. Fast Placement To Get Your Truck Running

  - On average you will receive a driver within a week of working with us so that you can get back to making money ASAP.

1.  Discounts

  -When you work with us you will get exclusive discounts with our partners. This includes Fuel cards, Eld systems, Insurance rates, and repairs.

2. Dispatch 

  - We can also get you high paying loads for a great rate working with our partners.

3. Equipment

   - If needed we can point you in the right direction to purchase equipment such as trailer rentals.

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